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When you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Those who look outside dream, those to look inside awaken. Carl Jung

About the Connection

Why The Connection ?

The Connection

Are you ready for The Connection? Learn to connect to yourself and make simple life changes to promote a happier healthier you Integrating body work, energy therapy, relaxation, meditation and connection techniques for a fuller more joyful life .

Are you ready to connect? Let us help and guide you to a happier ,healthier more connected way of life. Working with you to calm the mind, help you enjoy a healthier body and connect to your Soul. You will soon feel the benefits mentally, physically and spiritually. Integrating bodywork, energy therapy, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness and connection techniques that can be incorporated into your daily routine, you will quickly notice how these subtle changes can have huge impact on your day to day living. We offer a wide range of treatments all working on the Mind, Body & Soul. Each session is tailor made for you and your personal needs and circumstances in 'that moment', helping you create space , stillness and allowing the connection to take place.


Everything is energy and that's all there is to it, match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality , it can be no other way. Albert Einstein.

The Connection Energy Therapy is an energy based healing therapy, offering powerful healing while also relaxing, re balancing and re energising

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Scotlands only supplier of the original first cast Kansa Wands - Indias Healing Metal

BRINGING THE GIFT OF ANCIENT INDIAN HEALING ..........KANSA INDIA'S HEALING METAL We are Scotland's only distributor or the original Kansa Wand, we also offer training in the Kansa Sequence and other combinations for optimum relaxation, health and beauty. OFFERING TRAINING TO SPA STAFF, THERAPISTS. GET IN TOUCH FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Training available.

We offer training in Massage, The Connection Energy Therapy and Kansa Wand Massage Sequence

Excellent courses offered Massage. Learn massage from our massage therapist and tutor was trained to an extremely high standard by Dr Jane Robertson-Reick and delights in passing on this knowledge and also taught massage alongside Dr Jane at The College of Holistic Medicine in Glasgow.


The Connection energy therapy

Price:From £40

Connection Energy Healing is an energy based healing therapy, offering powerful healing which is also extremely relaxing, re-balancing and re-energising. The practitioner places their hands either lightly on or slightly away from the client and the healing energy travels to where it is needed most, many conditions can be helped with this treatment. Energy healing speeds up thebodies healing process and can be safely used alongside other treatments from your GP, physiotherapists etc, it can help both physical and emotional issues, it is great for destressing and rebalancing and can boost your energy levels when you are feeling run down.


Learn to quiet your mind

Let us help you to connect through meditation techniques, finding the method that works best for you and your lifestyle. Meditation can help reduce stress, increase calmness and clarity, promote stillness, happiness and more vibrant health.

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