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kansa wand massage



Connects mind,body and spirit- Reduces acidity- Reduces excess body heat- Revitalises face , neck and shoulder muscles- Reduces face, neck and shoulder pain- Aids function of internal organs Stimulates the meridian flows Aids the flow of energy through the Chakra grid Rejuvenating - eases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles promoting clearer skin - Kansa wands are bronze dome shaped wands which can be used as a facial or enjoy the full kansa sequence - runs the meridian lines and helping to detoxify your organs, sometimes the toxin release is visable with a greying effect on the area being treated (this is easily wiped off). Kansa is the healing metal of India and creates an electro magnetic current which helps in the detoxification of your organs . Can be a stand alone treatment using the whole body sequence including the entire head or can be done as a facial only, on feet only or to run your energy lines on arms and legs. A truly unique experience and very highly recommended.

Can be used in conjunction with any of our treatments. All our treatments can be booked by the hour . Prices from £40 for 1 hour treatment

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